Craft programs

You can take a program without a reservation when the program staff is available, however, it’s not guaranteed. We recommend you to make a reservation to make sure the program staff is available.

The price indicated is the basic price; it may change depending on the parts you choose. The minimum number of participants is 2~3

    Tsumami-zaiku (pinching-craft)

    (Hair accessory, brooch)

Making a simple and original handiwork using Japanese fabric, with which you can make hair accessories or brooches.

* Arrangement using pre-made parts is available.

* Making a hair tie with a button covered with fabric for kids.
From ¥1500/person

(Optional parts are available for more gorgeous decoration)

1.5 h

Refer to upper left photo
 Kinchaku (a small purse) made with Japanese fabric  Making a small purse with the pre-made parts of your choice


1,5 h

Refer to lower left photo
    Ornament Making a goldfish or a crane ornament or flower with Japanese fabric.

From ¥2,200/person

1.5 h

Refer to middle left photo

   Sun catcher

Making a brilliant sun catcher.

*Arrangement for Japanese style is available.


1 h

Refer to lower right and middle lower photos

* The catcher shines brilliantly by the reflection of the sun lights (see photo below).
  Picture postcard Making a postcard pasting Japanese fabric or paper cutout.

¥500/1 card

¥900/2 cards

1 h

Refer to middle center photo
   Oko(Incense)  Kneading the powder of one Japanese incense of your choice, and cutting it like biscuits to the shape of Sakura flowers or Ginkgo leaves.




Refer to middle right photo